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A Boutique Law Firm That Provides A One Stop Solution to Your Human Capital Issues


Employment Litigation Services

• Representation at the Labour Court in all States except Sabah and Sarawak

• Representation at the Industrial Court in all States except Sabah and Sarawak

• Representation at the High Court in all States except Sabah and Sarawak

• Representation at the Court of Appeal

• Representation at the Federal Court

Civil Litigation Services

• We have represented clients on a broad spectrum of civil matters from the Magistrates Court till the Federal Court.

Restructuring Exercise

• The procedure and process flow is of extreme importance

• Management will be briefed on the process flow and the legalities

• Relevant documentations will be prepared for and on behalf of the Company


Retrenchment Exercise 

• This is toughest decision that any company can make.

• There are mandatory compliance issues involved and we render a complete one stop solution to meet the legal requirements set by the relevant authorities.

• Further and in addition to the above, we also assist in the drafting of all

relevant documentations.

Conveyancing Practice

We have committed, dedicated, experienced and resourceful lawyers and paralegals

who have a track record of completing Sales and Purchase Agreements in an efficient

manner and the firm is proud to have handled complicated conveyancing matters

promptly to the satisfaction of our clients.


Further and in addition to the above, we provide services for staff loans provided by

employers whereby we undertake to prepare the loan documentations in relation to

the loan granted by the Company to its staff.

Ad Hoc Consultancy

• Preparation of Employment letters (fixed /permanent/contract & related matters )

• Preparation of Expatriates Agreement

• Preparation of Mutual Separation Agreement

• Preparation of Voluntary Separation Scheme

• Confidential  Agreements

• Performance Management

• Preparation of Performance Improvement Plan

• Employee Handbook

• Policy Drafting

• Circulars

• Personal Data Protection Act 2010

Retainer Services


We do provide and perform retainer services for the Company related to Employment  and Industrial Law matters which involves more than limited correspondences and drafting of relevant and related documents such as show cause, warning letters, caution letters, e-mails etc. based on information provided by the HR/IR team.


The Retainer services does not involve extensive research into the law, drawing documents or litigation that will incur additional charges as it will be drawn up as an opinion. The services rendered are initiated with a retainer services agreement for a period of 12 months renewed automatically governed by the specific terms and conditions contained therein.

As a complimentary to the retainer clients, we provide a 2 hours talk on performance management for supervisors and people managers.


The Firm’s retainer services are much sought after and you may contact our Manager, Mr. Suren to assist you in this regard.


Cases Handled By The Firm

Please contact us personally on the same as we are governed by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

Ms. Sunitha Ruthram is a certified trainer with Peak Potentials Canada. We offer our client seminars and workshops designed to keep human resources professionals and in-house counsel up to date on the latest developments in all areas of labor and employment, workplace health and safety, and employee benefits law. We also devise and deliver tailored in-house training sessions on a variety of topics for human resources professionals, in-house counsel, managers and employees and put together training programs that can be conducted by in-house managers and then replicated throughout the company.


Providing training and further education for your staff can have a multitude of benefits for your business in the long run, including better staff morale and retention, and higher productivity. Here are five cost-effective ways to coach your employees so you can get the most out of your shining stars.


New and junior-level employees can get a lot of value from a close working relationship with a more experienced staff member. It doesn’t even have to be a formal program – just a commitment to set aside some time each week to provide feedback, assist with decision-making and problem-solving, and offer general support and encouragement. It can be a good way to bring new employees up to speed more quickly than if left unsupervised.

When a role is no longer challenging, job satisfaction can suffer. A “stretch” assignment is simply a task or project that is beyond an employee’s current knowledge or skills, and can be an excellent way to help combat stagnation.


It could simply involve putting the staff member in a role that falls slightly outside their comfort zone, such as leading a team. As they adapt to the new situation, they will learn and grow from the experience.

We conduct in-house training programmes for Clients on Industrial Law on:-

• Understanding misconduct,

• domestic inquiry procedures and principle,

• law and concept of constructive dismissal,

• law and concept of forced resignation,

• trade union law,

• performance management;

• retrenchment and cost management;

• the Employment Act 1955

• the Industrial Relations Act 1967

• The Trades Union’s Act 1959

• Confidentiality Agreement/Trade Secret





We are a boutique Employment law firm providing specialized professional legal services and representation SOLELY to Employers and/or Corporate clients who are entangled in a myriad of employment related matters and industrial disputes at various forums of dispute resolution.

•  Representation at the Labour Court in all States

•  Representation at the Industrial Court in all States

•  Representation at the High Court in all States

•  Representation at the Court of Appeal

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